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Temporary Bridge Funding Opportunity Program - FY 2024

Agency: U.S. Department of Agriculture
CFDA: 10.721
Office: Forest Service
Multipart Grant: No
Next Due: 04/26/2024 (Multiple)
Solicitation Date: Unknown
Match Required: No
Actual Funds: Unspecified
Range: $8,000,000 (Max)

The purpose of this program is to protect water resources and reduce water quality degradation during forestry-related operations requiring temporary water resources crossings. Funding will be provided to state governments and Indian tribes to establish temporary bridge rental programs for portable skidder bridges, bridge mats, or other temporary water crossing structures to minimize stream bed disturbance on nonfederal and federal land.

For state awards, each state should develop a program that utilizes one or more of the following options to maximize the needs of the state and end users:

  • Loan programs: bridges are loaned at no cost to a bridge user for a specific project and returned at the end of the project
  • Rental/lease programs: bridges are rented at a predetermined fee to a bridge use participant for a project and returned at the end of the project; it is recommended that rental fees be used for maintenance of bridges
  • Cost-share programs: bridge use participants pay a share of the bridge cost to the state and gain custody of the bridge for their use; bridge use participants are responsible for care and maintenance of the bridge

For tribal awards, each Indian tribe should develop a bridge program that best meets the interest of the tribe.

For state awards, entities that engage in primary and secondary forest product operations are eligible to participate in loan, rental/lease, or cost-share programs. Entities not engaging in primary or secondary forest product operations but in other activities on forest lands requiring temporary water resource protection measures are eligible for loan and rental/lease programs only. For tribal awards, eligible bridge use participants are Indian tribes and their partners that engage in forestry operations and/or water resource protection-related activities.

Bridge types will vary depending on location and terrain, as well as the vehicle and weight requirements within the state. Bridge structures may be made of steel, as there is no requirement that temporary bridge structures be made only from wood or timber. Allowable bridge types to be utilized as part of this program include:

  • Short- and medium-span temporary timber bridges
  • Short- and medium-span temporary steel bridges
  • Temporary metal or timber roadway mats

Funding may be used to cover the following range of expenses:

  • Purchase cost of each bridge, including delivery, freight, and other charges
  • Program administrative costs to support the award
  • Training, education, and program education materials
  • Maintenance costs utilized to provide support for loan and rental programs

Projects must provide a preference for the purchase, acquisition, or use of goods, products, or materials produced in the United States.

The funding agency is particularly interested in applications that demonstrate a clear benefit to underserved/historically marginalized people, the communities where they reside, or the forest areas that they value.

Eligibility Notes:

Eligible applicants are state governments and Indian tribes.

For state awards, state forestry agencies or their equivalent forestry agency must be the lead entity and should coordinate and collaborate with other state agencies and non-government partners that have an active interest in the use of temporary bridges. State forestry agencies may defer the award recipient authority to a responsible entity within the state, such as soil and water conservation districts, state timber associations, state forestry associations, state logger education programs, other state government entities, and state-recognized tribes, as appropriate. For smaller states, multistate collaboration is encouraged, but not required.

For tribal awards, Indian tribes must be the lead entity.

Preference will be given to applicants that:

  • Do not have an active temporary bridge program
  • Demonstrate how they will support underserved communities
  • Demonstrate collaborative partnerships in implementing their project
  • Demonstrate how their project will be implemented to improve water quality
  • Demonstrate an effective communication and outreach strategy
  • Demonstrate understanding of reporting requirements
  • Provide letters of commitment from collaborating partners

The funding agency intends to provide funding to all applicants that provide a request that meets the program goals; however, application amounts may be negotiated to a lower funding amount for year one, with potential deferral into year two funding. Applicants may reapply for additional funding in subsequent years.

Previous award recipients include:

  • Makah Indian Tribe (WA)
  • Hoopa Valley Tribe (CA)
  • Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MI)
  • South Carolina Forestry Commission (SC)
  • Virginia Department of Forestry (VA)

Refer to the Award file for additional information on previous award recipients.

Eligible Applicants:
Native American Tribe
State Government
Application Notes:

Applications must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. ET on:

  • April 26, 2024
  • August 30, 2024
  • December 27, 2024

Applications must be emailed to the address provided in the Contact section.

Applications must include:

  • Cover page
  • Narrative
  • Appendices (as applicable):
    • Letters of commitment from collaborative partners
    • Cost estimates of bridges to be purchased
    • List of bridge vendors
    • Schematics, drawings, or literature of potential bridges to be purchased
    • Proof of registration
  • SF 424
  • SF 424A
  • SF 424B
  • FS-1500-35
  • FS-1500-22
  • USDA AD-1047
  • USDA AD-1049
  • USDA AD-3030

Applications must be submitted in .pdf format.

The following are required in order to submit an application:

  • Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) number
  • SAM (System for Award Management) registration

Applicants may obtain a UEI number and verify or renew SAM registration status at

Refer to the NOFA file and Application folder for additional application information.

Match Required: No
Actual Funds: Unspecified
Range: $8,000,000 (Max)
Match Notes:

Matching funds are not required for this program.

Funding Notes:

Beginning in 2022, a total of $40 million became available for this program to be spread out over five years. The funding agency plans to award up to $8 million each year for five years. The maximum award amount an applicant may receive through this program in any given calendar year is $300,000.

Funding may be provided up to 30 days in advance of the actual bridge purchase through a written request. All other funding, such as administration, materials, and maintenance costs, will be provided on a reimbursement basis, and 10 percent of the funding may be held until final reporting is completed and approved.

Award announcements will be made two months after application submission.

The award term is expected to last between two and three years. Applicants that apply for and receive additional funding in subsequent years will be issued a modification.

Program administrative costs to support the award are limited to 10 percent of the total bridge costs.

Training, education, and program education material costs are limited to 3 percent of the total bridge costs.

Maintenance costs utilized to provide support for loan and rental programs are limited to 10 percent of the total bridge costs.

Personnel costs are limited to 10 percent of the total bridge costs.

Supplies/material costs are limited to 3 percent of the total bridge costs.

For FY 2022, a total of $4.7 million was distributed via 25 awards ranging from $2,956 to $610,018 through this program. Refer to the Award file for details.


Jeffrey High
Wood Innovations Specialist

Agency Address
U.S. Department of Agriculture
1400 Independence Avenue, SW
Washington, D.C. 20250

Contact Notes:

Questions should be directed to Jeffrey High.

Applications must be emailed to the address provided.

The agency address provided is for reference purposes only.

NOFA File: US17295_NOFA_FY2024.pdf (284.1 Kb)
Application File: (2.5 Mb)
Award File: US17295_Award_FY2024.pdf (111.7 Kb)
File Notes:

The NOFA file contains the full solicitation for this program. The Application folder contains the required forms for submission. The Award file contains information on previous award recipients.

Project: South Carolina Forestry Commission Temporary Bridge Funding Project (1.4 Mb)
Applicant: South Carolina Forestry Commission

The purpose of this program is to protect water resources and reduce water quality degradation during forestry-related operations requiring temporary water resources crossings. The South Carolina Forestry Commission requested and received $350,000 for two temporary bridges for logging and to expand an existing bridge rental program. Funds will also go towards augmenting a best management practices (BMP) cost-share program which offsets a portion of the costs associated with the installation of BMP-compliant stream crossings.

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