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Multimodal Project Discretionary Grant (MPDG) Opportunity: National Infrastructure Project Assistance Grants Program (Mega) - FY 2025/2026

Agency: U.S. Department of Transportation
CFDA: 20.937
Federal FON: NIPA-25-26-MEGA
Office: Office of the Secretary of Transportation
Multipart Grant: No
Next Due: 05/06/2024 (Application)
Solicitation Date: 03/25/2024
Match Required: Yes
Match Type: Unspecified
Actual Funds: Unspecified
Range: $1,700,000,000 (Max)

The purpose of this program is to support surface transportation infrastructure projects with significant national or regional impact or that will improve and expand surface transportation infrastructure in rural areas. In particular, this program will support large, complex, and cost-effective projects that are in significant need of federal funding and that are likely to generate national or regional economic, mobility, or safety benefits. Funding will be provided for projects that are consistent with the funding agency's strategic goals to improve safety, economic strength and global competitiveness, equity, and climate and sustainability.

Eligible projects include:

  • Highway or bridge projects on the National Multimodal Freight Network, National Highway Freight Network, or the National Highway System
  • Freight intermodal projects, including public ports, or freight rail projects that provide public benefit
  • Railway highway grade separation or elimination projects
  • Intercity passenger rail projects
  • Public transportation projects that are eligible for assistance under Title 49, Chapter 53 of the U.S. Code (U.S.C.) and are part of any of the aforementioned project types

Applications must include a plan for the collection and analysis of data to identify the impacts of the project and accuracy of forecasts included in the application.

Eligible project costs include:

  • Development-phase activities and costs, including planning, feasibility analysis, revenue forecasting, alternatives analysis, data collection and analysis, environmental review and activities to support environmental review, preliminary engineering and design work, and other preconstruction activities, including the preparation of a data collection and post-construction analysis plan
  • Construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation, or acquisition of real property; environmental mitigation; construction contingencies; acquisition of equipment; protection; and operational improvements directly relating to the project

Optional webinars are scheduled for this program. Refer to the Application section for details.

This program is related to the funding agency's Nationally Significant Multimodal Freight and Highway Projects Grants Program (INFRA) and Rural Surface Transportation Grant Program (Rural), known in eCivis Grants Network as US16842 and US16993, respectively.

Last Updated: April 12, 2024

Eligibility Notes:

Eligible applicants are:

  • States or a group of states, including any of the 50 states; the District of Columbia; and American Samoa, Guam, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and any other territory or possession of the United States
  • Metropolitan planning organizations
  • Units of local government
  • Political subdivisions of a state
  • Special purpose districts or public authorities with a transportation function, including port authorities
  • Tribal governments or consortia of tribal governments
  • Partnerships between Amtrak and one or more of the aforementioned entities
  • Groups of the aforementioned entities

Multiple states or entities that submit a joint application must identify a lead applicant as the primary point of contact.

Applicants must have, or will have, sufficient legal, financial, and technical capacity to carry out the project.

Applicants may also apply to the funding agency's Nationally Significant Multimodal Freight and Highway Projects Grants Program (INFRA) and Rural Surface Transportation Grant Program (Rural), known in eCivis Grants Network as US16842 and US16993, respectively; however, applicants may not apply for the same project through all three programs. To maximize their potential of receiving federal support, applicants are encouraged to apply for multiple programs. Unless they opt out of a specific program, applicants will be considered across all three programs. Each applicant may submit three unique applications per program, for a total application limit of nine. This limit only applies to applications where the applicant is the lead applicant; there is no limit on applications for which an applicant can be listed as a partnering agency.

An application may describe a project that contains more than one component; however, an applicant should not add multiple components to a single application merely to aggregate costs or to avoid submitting multiple applications. An application may also describe and request funds for a network of projects, which is a single award that funds multiple projects addressing the same transportation problem.

Previous award recipients include:

  • Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission (PA)
  • New York State Department of Transportation (NY)
  • City of Long Beach (CA)
  • Indiana Department of Transportation (IN)
  • City of Stuart (FL)

Refer to the Award file for additional information on previous award recipients.

Eligible Applicants:
Local Government
Native American Tribe
Private Sector
State Government
Application Notes:

Applications must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. ET on May 6, 2024.

Applications must be submitted online at

Applications must include:

  • SF 424
  • SF 424C
  • Project information form
  • Project description (5 pages max)
  • Project location file
  • Project budget (5 pages max)
  • Funding commitment documentation
  • Outcome criteria (15 pages max)
  • Benefit/cost analysis narrative
  • Benefit/cost analysis calculations
  • Project readiness (5 pages max)
  • Project requirements (5 pages max)
  • Mega data plan (if applicable)
  • Letters of support (optional)

The funding agency expects the application to be prepared with standard formatting preferences, such as single-spacing, one-inch margins, and a standard 12-point font such as Times New Roman. In general, documents should be submitted in .pdf format; however, the project information form must be submitted in Excel format, and applicants are encouraged to submit the benefit/cost analysis calculations in Excel format as well. The project location file must be submitted as a zipped Shapefile or KML/KMZ. If possible, website links to supporting documents should be provided rather than copies of these supporting materials.

The following are required in order to submit an application:

  • Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) number
  • SAM (System for Award Management) registration

Applicants may obtain a UEI number and verify or renew SAM registration status at

Optional webinars will be held for this program as follows:

How to Apply for the MPDG Opportunity - Smaller Scale Projects:
April 3, 2024
2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. ET

How to Apply for the MPDG Opportunity - Larger Scale Projects:
April 5, 2024
1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. ET

How to Prepare a Benefit/Cost Analysis:
April 9, 2024
2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. ET

Recordings of the webinars can be found online at

Applications will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Project outcome criteria:
    • Safety
    • State of good repair
    • Economic impacts, freight movement, and job creation
    • Climate change, resiliency, and the environment
    • Equity, multimodal options, and quality of life
    • Innovation areas: technology, project delivery, and financing
  • Economic analysis rating
  • Project readiness rating:
    • Environmental risk
    • Technical capacity assessment
    • Financial completeness assessment
  • Additional considerations:
    • Geographic diversity
    • Statutory requirements
  • Previous awards

Refer to the NOFA and WebinarSchedule files for additional application information.

Match Required: Yes
Match Type: Unspecified
Actual Funds: Unspecified
Range: $1,700,000,000 (Max)
Match Notes:

Applicants must provide at least 40 percent of the total project costs.

Other federal assistance may be used to satisfy the matching requirement; however, the total federal assistance, including funds from the Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (TIFIA) and Railroad Rehabilitation and Improvement Financing (RRIF) programs, known in eCivis Grants Network as US1116 and US12985, respectively, for a project is limited to 80 percent of the total project costs.

Applicants must demonstrate the availability of one or more stable and dependable nonfederal funding or financing sources to construct, maintain, and operate the project, and to cover cost increases.

Matching contributions may not include:

  • Funds used as cost share for another federal program, unless otherwise authorized by statute
  • Previously incurred costs or previously expended or encumbered funds
Funding Notes:

Up to approximately $1.7 billion is available to support awards through this program.

Of the total funds available, 50 percent will be set aside for projects between $100 million and $500 million in cost. The remaining funds, less 2 percent for program administration, will be set aside for projects greater than $500 million in cost.

Funds may not be used for previously incurred costs, or for a standalone multimodal transit center with light rail service and bus service.

For FY 2023/2024, 11 awards ranging from $31,977,319 to $600 million were provided through this program. For FY 2022, nearly $1.2 billion was distributed via nine awards. Refer to the Award file for details.


Aubrei Barton
(202) 841-7786

Program Staff

Agency Address
U.S. Department of Transportation
1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE
Washington, D.C. 20590

Contact Notes:

Questions should be directed to the program contacts provided. Answers to common questions and requests for clarifications will be posted online at

Applications must be submitted online at

The agency address provided is for reference purposes only.

NOFA File: US16990_NOFA_FY2025-26.pdf (626.9 Kb)
Guide File: US16990_Guide_FY2025-26.pdf (242.8 Kb)
Other Pre-Award File: US16990_Announcement_FY2025-26.pdf (127.9 Kb)
Award File: US16990_Award_FY2025-26.pdf (1.3 Mb)
Application File: (349.2 Kb)
Other Pre-Award File: US16990_WebinarSchedule_FY2025-26.pdf (118.6 Kb)
Other Pre-Award File: US16990_FAQ_FY2025-26.pdf (250.9 Kb)
Other Pre-Award File: (1.7 Mb)
File Notes:

The NOFA file contains the full solicitation for this program. The Guide file contains detailed application instructions. The Application folder contains a required form for submission, as well as an application checklist. The Announcement file contains the announcement of this program's solicitation. The WebinarSchedule file contains information regarding optional webinars scheduled for this program. The FAQ file contains a list of answers to frequently asked questions regarding this program. The WebinarPresentation folder contains the presentation slides from this program's webinars. The Award file contains information on previous award recipients.

April 12, 2024
The presentation slides from this program's webinars have been released and attached in the WebinarPresentation folder. In addition, recordings of the webinars have been released, and a link to the presentations is available in the Application section.

Project: Enhancing Safety and Mobility in West Tulsa: I-44 and US-75 Corridor Improvements (31.9 Mb)
Applicant: Oklahoma Department of Transportation

The purpose of this program is to support surface infrastructure projects, including highway and bridge; intercity passenger rail; railway-highway grade crossing or separation; wildlife crossing; public transportation; marine highway; freight projects; or groups of such projects with significant national or regional impact or that will improve and expand surface transportation infrastructure in rural areas. Oklahoma Department of Transportation requested and received $85 million to replace and update the most outdated, unsafe, and congested areas of the traffic corridor. Planned improvements include replacing an interchange, wider shoulders, more travel lanes, and local street improvements to re-establish neighborhood connections. The applicant provided $41,168,000 to match the remainder of the project costs.

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